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The move - checklist part 2

checklist prior to moving to australia part two

If you do not have a bank account in Australia, arrange to open one on arrival. Travellers cheques usually clear in your Aus account on presentation (bring your ID / passports with you), personal cheques may take up to 30 days to clear.


Buy travellers cheques and some AUD (cash) for your first few days around AUD 2000 should be sufficient.


Make sure you have a valid credit card (and make provision to have the card paid in your home country) this makes booking & paying for accommodation, rental cars etc much easier when you first arrive here


Ensure that you have up to date prescriptions (and sufficient supply to last at least your first month in Australia) for any prescription medicines or treatments. Also, get a copy of all of your medical and dental records and bring that with you to Australia.


Make sure you have insurance cover for medical and personal effects that will cover you until you have your Australian insurance in place


Get your lawyer / solicitor to update your will (get a new one done after you arrive and settle in Australia) and also to act for you if there are any outstanding legal matters in your home country (e.g. sale of home etc)




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