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Skills Assessments

Australian Migration Skills Assessments

What is a migration skills assessments ?

In order to make an application for a GSM (general skilled migration) visa, you have to evidence that the combination of your qualifications, training and work experience matches that of the occupation you nominate for a visa application.

A skills assessment may also be required for 457 applications.

How is this done ?

All the occupations on the SOL and CSOL have a specific authority assigned to them.

These authorities (e.g. the TRA, Vetassess, AIM, ANMAC, EA, CPA) set out the criteria you have to satisfy in order for them to give you an approved migration skills assessment i.e. state that your qualifications/training and work experience meets the set requirements (for migration purposes) for the occupation you nominate for the application

The critria can be quite complex, and the skills assesment is quite often the first hurdle that trips GSM applications.

Discuss your occupation, and the specifics of your skills assessment with your consultant




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