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Service Notes


Important notes for the process and path to Aussie
with VS

The purpose of these notes is so that both parties (VS and you, the client) go into the process with the right expectations of what happens, so everyone is clear at the start.

(1) There IS a lot of paperwork in the process. This cannot be avoided! we do lodge applications online, and moreover our own online system means that we have stream-lined the process as much as is possible.

HOWEVER, as stated, there is still paperwork to be done.

A few, not many, but a few clients say "but I've paid you the money and it feels like I still have a lot of work to do?". But what does "the work?" mean in this case?

Does it mean that you, the client, is the one who needs to: -

(a) Go to past employers to get references, track down old tax or payment records?

(b) Fill in forms with your names, address, family details and work history?

(c) Certify your own personal documents, such as birth certificate, marriage certificate?

Yes. At VS, we pride ourselves on personalized service and dedication to the client. But we cannot know such personal details without either going through them in long telephone calls, or unless you write your details down.

We cannot possibly fill in forms on your family details, we cannot go directly to your employer(s) and ask them for your personal details, and so on.

When additional documents and evidence is requested, or you are asked to send complete sets of documents, we are not being difficult we are acting in your best interest.

We tell you exactly what to do, in great detail, step by step, how to do it, AND THEN, you send everything to us in our Perth office, for your agent to compile, use the documents and evidence to make the detailed legal submission concerning the legal regulations, policy, and system of the Australian Migration Act - the migration law which defines all migration applications, and must be adhered to in strict detail.

Your agent does all of these things, as well as speak to the decision-makers to ensure that any further information they need is provided, and more.

(2) There has been rare cases of a client sending a message that says "I am going to the solicitor in 30 minutes, you HAVE TO tell me exactly what to do now or I will have a huge hassle!?"

Our 24/7 service is a figurative expression - meaning that our policy is to get back to all clients within 1 business day, and if emergencies arise on a weekend, we are still there to handle such matters.

However, we are not a faceless corporation. We are not a call-centre type faceless company, with one staff switching seats with another come 6pm.

Our staff are real people who SERIOUSLY dedicate themselves to assisting clients, and getting them through the potentially stressful process of a move halfway round the world.

Yet they are not glued in to a computer like the Matrix. As humans, it is impossible for them to be able to respond literally instantly to every single message or phone call received. So please realize that while VS staff are wholly dedicated to you, the client, that if a response to you does take more than a day, it does not mean that you are ignored or unloved - it simply means that your assigned consultant has heavy paperwork, and is working through things systematically.

For example - when he or she is working on your heavy paperwork for your case, we are sure that you would want them to systematically complete it - not leave it at the drop of a hat if another client sends a question through or makes a phone call to the office.

(3) The migration process DOES TAKE TIME. And moreover, DIAC (the Dept Immigration), DOES CHANGE their processing times.

So if (for a hypothetical example) DHL send your documentation to us 2 or 3 days later than expected (which can happen over e.g. a public holiday), please, sincerely, try not to stress out. That is meant with sincerity. We know (many VS staff are ex-migrants), that it can be stressful to migrate. Yet a delay caused by an outside force (Not due to VS) that delays matters by a few days, is not going to change the time of getting a visa over a 12 - 18 month period.

Also - if at the start of the process, we have told you that processing times are (for example) 8 months, then after 11 or 12 months we are still waiting for visa grant from the case officer – this is not under any persons control except DIAC. They do alter processing times, because their staff are government desk workers, who have no motivation to work quickly! 

We do believe that these points are reasonable points, NOT excuses of any kind! 

The point of this is to let you know that we are being completely upfront about the process.

We are not promising that every day of a migration process will be easy.

We are trying to be fully honest, not just give you "sales speak?", but to let you know that we are fully dedicated to you, the client, to go through this process, and seriously take each and every client to heart, to get you and your family to Australia.




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