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Regional Areas for Family sponsors (489)

To qualify for the Skilled Sponsored (Provisional) Visa under the relative sponsorship nomination, your sponsor must have lived for at least 1 year and still be a resident of one of the Designated Areas outlined below.

You must be related to the person being sponsored OR their partner as one of the following:

•    A non-dependent child – including a stepchild
•    A parent – including a step–parent
•    A brother or sister – including a step-sibling
•    A niece or nephew – including a step–niece or nephew
•    An aunt or uncle – including a step–aunt or uncle

Designated Areas

Skilled Designated Area Sponsored Visa Postal Codes
State or Territory Designated Area
Victoria Anywhere
South Australia Anywhere
Northern Territory Anywhere
Tasmania Anywhere
Australian Capital Territory Anywhere
Queensland Postcode areas: 4019-4028, 4037-4050, 4079-4100, 4114, 4118, 4124-4150, 4158-4168, 4180-4899
(anywhere except Brisbane metropolitan area)
Western Australia Anywhere
New South Wales Postcode areas: 2311-2312, 2328-2333, 2336-2490, 2535-2551, 2575-2739, 2787-2898
(anywhere except Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong)


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