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Parent Visa Options for Australia

Parent Visa Options

Visa Options for parents who wish to migrate to Australia to be with their children. The application must be sponsored by one of their children and the child must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident who is settled in Australia.

  • PR
    • Permanent residence i.e. the right to remain in Australia indefinately.
  • VAC
    • Visa Application Charge payable to the Dept of Immigration
  • Settled
    • To be deemed 'settled' an Australian permanent resident must have been residing in Australia for at least 2 years prior to lodgement of the Parent visa application. An Australian citizen must have been residing in Australia for at least 3 months prior to lodgement.
  • BOF
    • Balance of family
      • At least half of their children living in Australia as permanent residents or Australian Citizens; or
      • More children living in Australia as permanent residents or Australian Citizens than in any other single country overseas
      • All children of the applicants are counted in the test, including children of previous relationships of either applicant. 
  • Age
    • Parents can be of any age.
    • Aged Parent visa applicants in Australia (onshore) can apply only if one parent is at least 65 years of age. If neither parent is old enough, the application must be lodged offshore. 
  • AoS / Assurance of Support
    • A person or organisation must also give you an assurance of support. They can be your sponsor or another person. Up to three people can agree to give you a joint assurance of support.
    • An assurance of support is a legal commitment to give you financial support so that you do not have to rely on social security payments. The assurance covers you and any family members included in your application.
    • An assurer must:
      • give you financial assistance for ten years
      • repay any recoverable social security payments you receive in the first ten years of living in Australia
      • lodge a bond for each applicant aged 18 years or older:
        • AUD10 000 for the main applicant
        • AUD4000 for each adult family member included in your application.
    • If the assurer is an organisation, a higher bond is required for each application.
    • The bond is refunded ten years after you are granted this visa. Any debts to the government are deducted from the bond and only the balance is refunded. Becoming an Australian citizen does not release the bond earlier.
    • We will tell you how and when to lodge an assurance of support after we receive your visa application.
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Processing time

Costs and Visa application charges

Other comments

Standard Parent Visa
  • Visa is capped
  • Only small numbers granted each year
  • Processing time can be 20+ years
  • "All in" around $ 6500 - 7000 for 2 people

Can only apply for this visa outside Australia

No bridging visa possible

Contributory Parent Visa
  • Average processing time of 2 years
  • Initially around the same as the standard parent visa
  • before the visa is granted, the second VAC is payable to the Dept of Immi, and that is around $ 43,600 per person
  • an AoS may (and usually is) also payable at this time

Can apply for this visa in (onshore) Australia or outside (offshore) Australia

Can get bridging visa when you apply in Australia which will allow you to remain in Australia until a decision is made on your visa application

Aged Parent Visa
  • Capped Visa
  • Processing time 20+ years
  • The same as for the standard parent visa

Same notes as for the contributory parent visa

Note at least one applicant must be over age 65 at time of application




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