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How you work with us


How you work with us

We hope that this page will clear up a lot of questions. One problem for people interested in moving to Aus is information over-load, because there is a lot of information online that is:

  • Outdated.

  • From people who have done ONE (their own) visa application and are now self-declared experts.

  • Friends in Australia who mean well but get their 'Migration Information' from newspapers (i.e. political propaganda).

  • Badly trained 'Migration Consultants' and companies who just do not know or care about what they are saying.

A lot of this information is already contained in the 'Immigration & Visas' section on the left, so please do look through that section.

But to Summarise:

Frequent Questions:

  • Is this Skilled Migration or Permanent Residence?

  • Is this a Business Visa or a Sponsored Visa?

  • Is this Sponsored by a State or a Skilled Visa?


Migration is mainly split into:

(1) Skilled Migration:

This can give a Permanent Resident (PR) visa.

The route of this can be either independent, OR state-sponsored. State ‘sponsored’ just means that you are almost getting an ‘invitation to the party’. A state’s approval of your worth and need to Australia is like an ‘extra approval’ to be able to use the Skilled route. That’s the extent of what ‘state-sponsored’ means.

The stages will ALWAYS be:

  • ONE – Skill assessment.

  • TWO – If applicable or if needed – state-sponsorship.

  • THREE – Visa application.

We handle ALL such stages for you and with you as part of the Full Service.

So: You can become a Permanent Resident by taking the Skilled Migration route.


(2) Family Migration:

If you have a spouse, prospective spouse, or possibly if you have a child (or ALL parents, siblings, children) in Australia.

This can give a provisional PR visa, with full PR to follow in 2 years, OR full PR from the outset (full details given to relevant clients personally).


(3) Business Migration:

Own a business, have 1 - 2 million AUD+ in assets/capital. This route can give a provisional PR visa which can lead to full PR (full details given to such clients personally).

So what will the process be? Or in other words: "HOW WILL I DO THIS?!?!"

  • Once you are happy, you will ‘appoint us’.

    That means that you are agreeing and instructing us to work with you on getting you to Australia.

    You would confirm this in writing with us in the Client Area (or if we meet in person), in any way, such as saying “we are ready to start, how do we make the first installment?”, or even “GET ME TO AUSSIE!” if you feel like it!

  • Then, in your Client Area, we upload the checklists & instructions, guides, forms etc.

    You then print these out to read through…. Which is CRUCIAL…it is a lot to read, but it needs to be READ THROUGH, as 99.9% of questions are answered and explained in that first info.

  • Your consultant then tells you what to do step by step, and you then start gathering documents as advised.

    You can speak to us on the phone at any time, or message at any time and we will explain all of what to do and answer your questions.

  • When you have things together, you can upload drafts, so we agree to you sending all to us in the Perth office.

  • Your consultants then go through everything, and compile the case in great detail, and lodge with full legal submissions, and speak to the case officer and more, as has been explained in the other pages.

  • This process continues stage by stage. It may seem taxing or even daunting at times, but we exists  to get our clients to Australia.

    We try to stream-line as much as possible, be efficient as possible, and only take a client’s case if we are fully confident of success.

    As real people (not a faceless company, but one of experienced ex-migrants who have YEARS experience in migration), of course we feel terrible if the situation doesn’t work out for our clients.

    We do not operate on high profits at all.

    If you look at the fees, you can think of them spread over a 12+ month process, of our expert Australian staff, as well as lawyer, working dedicated to your case.

    Once you get your visa, we are still there (forever) to help you settle, guide and advise – as well as assist in job-finding.

    Settling in Aus may be another 6 or 12 months of professional support.

    Looked at that way, it truly is the best investment you can make, to get yourself to Aus and earn the above-average salaries, which as a fact, a skilled migrant can receive.

Please get back to us in the Client Area
with any questions at all.




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