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Full Migration Service

Who would this suit?

This is for a person that wants every single aspect of the entire visa application, and arrival in Australia, advised, instructed and guided on, by a team of experienced migration professionals, and their own migration lawyer

Several highly professional support consultants will work with your consultant, at every stage of the process, to ensure total visa success. We have a wealth of incredibly knowledgeable staff, who have excellent relationships and experience with various assessing authorities, state boards and visa application decision-makers.

All the staff here take our work extremely seriously and work to a highly conscientious level. The Client Area is manned at all times (response times under 24 hours), and  staff are also available to you by phone or in person during office hours.

Your lawyer will speak with decision-makers throughout the process, and lodge your application with a full legal submission, detailing how you meet the regulations and policy of the Migration Act.

We remain here with you for the whole process, which often takes a years or more - and we also remain for you even after visa grant, and arrival in Aus. This means that appointing us  for a visa application includes the help and support of many migration professionals for this very long period of time.

Read more about the full service below.

Service Comparison: -
Overview Premium Premium
The correct forms for each stage of the application from start to finish - ALL of them.      
Guides - documents by us which take you through the process step by step.      
Checklists - to make sure that YES, everything has been included in the application.      
The skills assessment forms, guides and checklists where applicable.      
Employment reference templates and explanations for employed and self-employed applicants.      
Advice on how to strengthen your application and avoid pitfalls.      
Guidance on how to complete the police clearances and medical checks.      
Information about the English test, language requirements and how to apply.      
Our relocation guides, which explain what you'll need to do when leaving your country, and then when you arrive in Aussie !      
Full file check of your skill assessment and visa application.      
6 months communication with an experienced migration consultant.      
Access to your consultant for questions.      
Unlimited communication with an experienced migration consultant and lawyer      
Your own assigned lawyer for the entire application.      
Lawyer legal submissions.      
Your lawyer speaks to the decision-makers in the process.      
On-going support and relocation guidance after visa-grant.      
Non-stop access to your lawyer and support staff in your Client Area.      

However the most important point to the full migration service is the communication - we are here for you at all times in the process.

We don't portion out our time to you, we don't limit you to X number of telephone calls that only last X minutes per time - we are there for you on the phone, and in the Client Area (which is serviced by both local and Aus staff, meaning a 24/7 service) in a message.

We know that the migration process is a stressful one - we are there to take away sleepless nights!

As well as being there for you throughout your move to Australia, the other essential aspect of 'what we do', is getting your application PERFECT.

Migration law is complex and arcane - there are regulations on top of policies among discretionary rules, within current guidelines... Moreover, the application will be decided by a person - a government worker who sees countless applications that look the same - your work, your life, is a collection of papers to them. We will not take an application unless we are completely confident about it, and we NEVER risk our ethical values with 'shady' applications.

This means that we are a well-established company, held in high regard by officials.

Your personal, registered migration agent will ensure that the application is submitted exactly as the decision-maker wants to see it.


So what else does the full migration service offer?

The service includes:

  1. Unlimited free communication and advice via your Client Area with your consultant and the support consultants
  2. Full visa application pack
    • All the application forms
    • Our exclusive checklists and guides
    • Your consultant 24/7 to support and assist you with the form filling and information gathering
  3. No hidden fees.
  4. Instructions detailing steps to take while completing forms and collecting supporting evidence
  5. Detailed analyses of your application
  6. Detailed agent legal submission that will address every aspect of your application in relation to the Migration Act, migration regulations and PAMS. (often over 50 pages)
  7. All communication with DIBP and the specific decision-maker in relation to your application until the visa is decided
  8. 24/7 support, advice and assistance for you in relation to your application for the duration of the application process.
  9. Where applicable, it includes our submissions and services in relation to your occupations assessment
  10. We lodge your application with the correct DIBP post - all courier charges in this regard ARE INCLUDED.
  11. Post arrival assistance (employment, schools, business guidance) 
  12. Assurance that your application has the best possible chance of success - we do NOT lodge an application unless we are fully confident of the merits of the application in relation to the requirements of the Migration Act
  13. A registered agent will sign off on your application - this offers assurance that your application will be handled by a qualified, skilled professional that has to abide by the strict code of conduct for migration agents, and has their professional reputation and standing on the line


Costs for the Full service ?

Many companies only show their own fees, so they 'look cheaper' - we are totally upfront about all costs. It is our policy to provide a fixed (total) rate for each application. The application charge or total cost estimate provided to you (in your assessment report), includes:

  • All visa application fees payable to DIBP
  • All professional fees in relation to the entire application   
  • All courier, and mailing costs from us to DIBP/authorities in Australia in relation to your application
  • All members of the family unit that can be included in the application are included
  • Full access to a wide range of guides/checklists/forms/info applicable to you covering from the visa application through to planning your move, setting up a business, finding employment and much more 
  • All email, phone and personal consultations with you in relation to your visa application from date of appointment to the day you arrive in Aus, and beyond
  • All communication between the agent and DIBP in relation to the specific application
  • All charges payable to the relevant occupations assessment authorities in relation to your occupations assessment (if applicable).
  • Access to your Client Area on this website with unlimited communication and assistance 24/7
  • Free and on-going general advice and guides
  • what is NOT included:
    • State sponsorship fees and charges
    • Re-assessment of skills assessments
    • increases in DIBP application fees
    • MRT or any court or legal review of a refused application
    • IELTS tests, courier fees of sending documents to us
    • Certification of documents


All visa application / skill assessment costs vary, so please register now to speak to a consultant NOW



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