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Employer Nominated

Do you have a job offer in Australia ?

Employer nomination for Australia, or job sponsorship Australia, is split into different sections:

Australian employer categories
  • The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) is relevant for Australian employers, who are willing and able to job sponsor Australia, to fill highly-skilled positions.
  • The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) is for employer in regional area, or areas of low population, or low growth, to be a job sponsor, and use job sponsorship Australia to fill positions
  • Labour Agreements (LA) allow Australian employers to sponsor higher numbers of skilled workers into Australia, for job sponsorship Australia


  • International organisations
  • Regional Headquarters Agreements (RHQ)mean that key executive staff or highly specialised workers can go into Australia through employer nomination, employer sponsorship or job sponsorship Australia.
  • It is a general guide only, but it will help you decide if this category applies to you.

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Australia migration expos are advertised as offering job recruitment agencies, job sponsorship Australia, and such delights, however the reality is that this is rare to find.

If you have a willing employer, ready to sponsor into Australia, then please let us know. Otherwise, if you register, then we will still consider ALL the options for you, and explain all of your opportunities for an Australian work visa.




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