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Employer Nomination Scheme Occupation List (ENSOL)

DIBP - Endorsed  ASCO - ANZSCO Correlation Table

Choose the related link of relevant SOL occupations, on the ANZSCO code for a description of the occupation:

  • Standard business sponsors are required to pay their overseas workers the market salary rate (TSMIT)
  • This means that where the market rate for a position is less than $ 53,900 (AUD) the position cannot be nominated under the subclass 457 program.

In line with the increase to the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold the high income exemption to the English Language Salary Exemption Threshold (also known as the 'high-income exemption') will also be indexed by 4.8 per cent. The ELSET will increase from $92 000 to $96 400 for all subclass 457 visa applications decided on or after 1 July 2013.

Column A
Occupation & ANZSCO Code

Column B
Assessing Authority
411511 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Worker VETASSESS *
221111 Accountant (General) [Financial Analyst, Insolvency Practitioner] CPAA / ICAA / NIA *
224111 Actuary VETASSESS *
252211 Acupuncturist VETASSESS *
225111 Advertising Specialist [Advertising Account Executive, Advertising Account Manager, Creative Director (Advertising)] VETASSESS *
131113 Advertising Manager AIM
233911 Aeronautical Engineer [Aeronautical Engineering Officer (Navy), Aerospace Engineer, Aerospace Engineer Officer - Aeronautical (Air Force), Aerospace Engineer Officer - Armament (Air Force), Aerospace Engineer Officer - Electronics (Air Force), Avionics Systems Engineer, Weapons Aeronautical Engineering Officer (Navy)] Engineers Australia *
231111 Aeroplane Pilot CASA / VETASSESS *
234111 Agricultural Consultant [Agricultural Adviser, Agricultural Extension Officer, Landcare Officer] VETASSESS *
233912 Agricultural Engineer [Natural Resources Engineer)] Engineers Australia *
234112 Agricultural Scientist [Agronomist] VETASSESS *
311111 Agricultural Technician [Agricultural Technical Officer, Agriculture Laboratory Technician, Artificial Insemination Technical Officer, Dairy Technician, Field Crop Technical Officer, Herd Tester, Horticultural Technical Officer, Poultry Technical Officer] VETASSESS *
231112 Air Traffic Controller VETASSESS *
231199 Air Transport Professionals nec [Aircraft Navigator, Air Observer (Rescue), Airworthiness Surveyor, Balloonist, Flight Engineer Inspector, Navigator (Air Force)] VETASSESS *
334112 Airconditioning & Mechanical Services Plumber [Ductfixing Plumber] TRA *
342111 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic TRA *
323111 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics [Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Electrical), Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Instruments), Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Radio), Avionics Technician (Defence), Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Electrical), Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Instruments), Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Radio)] TRA *
323112 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical) [Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Airframes), Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Engines), Aircraft Technician (Air Force, Army), Aviation Technician (Navy), Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Airframes), Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Engines)] TRA *
323113 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Structures) [Aircraft Structural Fitter (Air Force, Army)] TRA *
411111 Ambulance Officer [Paramedic, Patient Transport Officer] VETASSESS *
253211 Anaesthetist [Intensive Care Anaesthetist, Obstetric Anaesthetist, Pain Management Specialist] State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
261311 Analyst Programmer [Programmer Analyst] ACS *
234512 Anatomist or Physiologist [Embryologist, Neuroanatomist] VETASSESS *
393211 Apparel Cutter TRA *
362212 Arborist [Tree Surgeon] TRA *
232111 Architect [Conservation or Heritage Architect] AACA *
312111 Architectural Draftsperson [Architectural Associate, Building Drafting Officer] VETASSESS *
224211 Archivist [Film Archivist, Legal Archivist, Manuscripts Archivist, Parliamentary Archivist] VETASSESS *
139911 Art Administrator or Manager VETASSESS
212311 Art Director (Film, Television or Stage) VETASSESS *
249211 Art Teacher (Private Tuition) VETASSESS *
212111 Artistic Director VETASSESS *
252711 Audiologist VETASSESS *
321111 Automotive Electrician [Automotive Electrical Fitter] TRA *
351111 Baker [Doughmaker] TRA *
271111 Barrister [Queen's Counsel, Senior Counsel] SLAA *
234513 Biochemist [Enzyme Chemist, Protein Chemist] VETASSESS *
233913 Biomedical Engineer [Bioengineer, Clinical Engineer, Medical Engineer] Engineers Australia *
234514 Biotechnologist [Cell Geneticist, Molecular Biologist, Molecular Geneticist] VETASSESS *
322111 Blacksmith [Hammer Smith, Spring Maker, Tool Smith] TRA *
399111 Boat Builder & Repairer [Composite Boat Builder, Rigger (Boat), Sparmaker, Wooden Boat Builder, Yacht Builder] TRA *
212212 Book or Script Editor VETASSESS *
234515 Botanist [Plant Morphologist, Plant Pathologist, Plant Physiologist, Plant Taxonomist] VETASSESS *
331111 Bricklayer [Blocklayer, Arch Builder, Chimney Builder, Refractory Bricklayer, Retort Setter (Bricklaying), Tuckpointer] TRA *
399511 Broadcast Transmitter Operator TRA *
312999 Building & Engineering Technicians Nec [Aircraft Detail Draftsperson, Aircraft Systems Technician (Air Force), Airframe Technical Officer, Avionics Systems Technician (Air Force), Biomedical Engineering Associate, Mining Detail Draftsperson, Shipbuilding Draftsperson] VETASSESS / Engineers Australia *
312112 Building Associate [Building Construction Supervisor, Clerk of Works] VETASSESS *
312113 Building Inspector [Building Certifier, Building Surveyor, Electrical Installation Inspector] VETASSESS *
342311 Business Machine Mechanic TRA *
351211 Butcher or Smallgoods Maker TRA *
394111 Cabinetmaker [Antique Furniture Reproducer, Antique Furniture Restorer, Chair & Couch Maker, Coffin Maker] TRA *
399512 Camera Operator (Film, Television or Video) [Focus Puller (Film)] TRA *
393111 Canvas Goods Maker TRA *
253312 Cardiologist State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
253512 Cardiothoracic Surgeon State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
272111 Careers Counsellor [Careers Adviser] VETASSESS *
331212 Carpenter [Fixing Carpenter, Formwork Carpenter, Prop & Scenery Maker] TRA *
331211 Carpenter & Joiner [Shopfitter] TRA *
232213 Cartographer VETASSESS *
351311 Chef [Chef de Partie, Commis Chef, Demi Chef, Second Chef, Sous Chef] TRA *
233111 Chemical Engineer Engineers Australia *
399211 Chemical Plant Operator [Chemicals Distiller, Chemicals Fermentation Operator, Industrial Gas Production Operator, Paint Maker, Pharmaceutical Plant Operator, Pilot Plant Operator] TRA *
234211 Chemist [Analytical Chemist, Industrial Chemist] VETASSESS *
311411 Chemistry Technician [Chemistry Technical Officer, Chemical Instrumentation Officer, Chemical Process Analyst, Chemistry Laboratory Technician, Dairy Laboratory Technician, Petroleum Laboratory Technician, Sugar Laboratory Assistant] VETASSESS *
111111 Chief Executive or Managing Director [Chief Executive Officer, Director-General, Executive Director, Secretary (Government Department)] AIM
135111 Chief Information Officer [Chief Technology Officer] ACS *
134111 Child Care Centre Manager [Child Care Centre Director, Child Care Coordinator] TRA *
252111 Chiropractor SCORB *
233211 Civil Engineer [Airfield Engineer Officer (Air Force), Hydraulics Engineer] Engineers Australia *
312211 Civil Engineering Draftsperson [Civil Engineering Design Draftsperson, Plumbing Engineering Draftsperson, Road Design Draftsperson, Sewage Reticulation Drafting Officer, Structural Engineering Drafting Officer] VETASSESS *
312211 Civil Engineering Draftsperson [Civil Engineering Design Draftsperson, Plumbing Engineering Draftsperson, Road Design Draftsperson, Sewage Reticulation Drafting Officer, Structural Engineering Drafting Officer] Engineers Australia *
312212 Civil Engineering Technician [Civil Engineering Assistant, Civil Laboratory Technician, Geotechnical Laboratory Technician] VETASSESS *
253313 Clinical Haematologist State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
272311 Clinical Psychologist [Forensic Psychologist, Health Psychologist, Neuropsychologist] APS *
393212 Clothing Patternmaker [Pattern Grader (Clothing), Patternmaker-Grader] TRA *
139111 Commissioned Defence Force Officer VETASSESS *
139112 Commissioned Fire Officer VETASSESS *
139113 Commissioned Police Officer VETASSESS *
222111 Commodities Trader [Commodities Broker, Energy Trader, Grain Buyer, Livestock Trader, Media Buyer, Wool Broker] VETASSESS *
411711 Community Worker [Community Development Officer, Community Support Worker, Housing Officer] VETASSESS *
221211 Company Secretary VETASSESS *
211211 Composer VETASSESS *
263111 Computer Network & Systems Engineer [Computer Network Engineer, Computer Systems Integrator] ACS *
149311 Conference & Event Organiser VETASSESS
234911 Conservator [Art Conservator] VETASSESS *
312114 Construction Estimator VETASSESS
133111 Construction Project Manager [Building & Construction Manager] VETASSESS *
351411 Cook TRA *
212411 Copywriter VETASSESS *
111211 Corporate General Manager [Chief Operating Officer, Assistant Commissioner (Police), Hospital Administrator, Managing Editor, Trade Union Secretary] AIM *
221212 Corporate Treasurer [Financial Risk Manager] CPAA / ICAA / NIA *
272199 Counsellors nec [Gambling Counsellor, Grief Counsellor, Life Coach, Rape Crisis Counsellor, Trauma Counsellor] VETASSESS *
249212 Dance Teacher (Private Tuition) [Ballet Teacher (Private Tuition)] VETASSESS *
211112 Dance or Choreographer VETASSESS *
262111 Database Administrator [Database Operator, Database Specialist, Database Support, DBA, Database Analyst] ACS *
411211 Dental Hygientist VETASSESS *
411212 Dental Prosthetist [Clinical Dental Technician] TRA
252311 Dental Specialist [Endodontist, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Oral Pathologist, Orthodontist, Paedodontist, Periodontist, Prosthodontist] ADC *
411213 Dental Technician TRA *
411214 Dental Therapist [Oral Health Therapist] VETASSESS *
252312 Dentist [Dental Practitioner, Dental Surgeon] ADC *
253911 Dermatologist State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
261312 Developer Programmer [Applications Developer, ICT Developer, ICT Programmer, Communications Programmer (Systems), Database Developer, Database Programmer (Systems), Network Programmer, Software Developer, Software Programmer] ACS *
253917 Diagnostic & Interventional Radiologist State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia
321212 Diesel Motor Mechanic TRA *
251111 Dietician [Nutritionist] DAA *
212312 Director (Film, Television, Radio or Stage) VETASSESS *
212313 Director of Photography VETASSESS *
411712 Disabilities Services Officer VETASSESS *
334113 Drainer [Septic Tank Installer] TRA *
249213 Drama Teacher (Private Tuition) [Elocution Teacher] VETASSESS *
393213 Dressmaker or Tailor [Costume Maker, Wardrobe Assistant, Wardrobe Coordinator] TRA *
712211 Driller TRA *
272112 Drug & Alcohol Counsellor VETASSESS *
241111 Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teacher [Kindergarten Teacher, Preschool Director] NOOSR / AITSL (formerly known as TA) *
311412 Earth Science Technician [Earth Science Technical Officer, Earth Science Laboratory Technician, Geochemical Laboratory Technician, Geological Technical Officer, Geoscience Laboratory Technician, Hydrographer, Hydrographical Technical Officer, Hydrological Technical Officer, Meteorological Observer, Seismology Technical Officer, Soil Science Technical Officer, Water Resources Technical Officer] VETASSESS *
224311 Economist [Economic Analyst, Agricultural Economist, Econometrician, Economic Forecaster, Environmental Economist, Health Economist, Labour Market Economist, Mineral Economist, Taxation Economist] VETASSESS *
249111 Education Adviser [Curriculum Advisory Teacher, Education Officer, Home-School Liaison Officer, Preschool Adviser] VETASSESS *
134499 Education Managers nec [Project Coordinator (Education), TAFE Registrar, University Registrar] VETASSESS *
272312 Educational Psychologist APS *
249112 Education Reviewer [School Inspector] VETASSESS *
224911 Electorate Officer VETASSESSS *
233311 Electrical Engineer [Electrical Design Engineer, Railway Signalling Engineer, Signalling & Communications Engineer] Engineers Australia *
312311 Electrical Engineering Draftperson [Electrical Engineering Design Draftsperson, Electrical Engineering Drafting Officer, Relays Draftsperson, Substation Design Draftsperson] Engineers Australia *
312312 Electrical Engineering Technician [Electrical Engineering Technical Officer, Electrical Engineering Design Draftsperson, Electrical Engineering  Laboratory Technician, Electrical Instrument Technician] TRA *
342211 Electrical linesworker [Electrical Linesworker (Distribution), Electrical Linesworker (Transmission), Railway Traction Line Worker] TRA *
341111 Electrician (General) [Electrical Fitter, Armature Winder, Electrical Contractor, Heavy Coil Winder, Railway Signal Electrician] TRA *
341112 Electrician (Special Class) TRA *
312411 Electronic Engineering Draftsperson [Communications & Data Systems Drafting Officer, Control Systems Drafting Officer, Electronics Detail Draftsperson] Engineers Australia *
312412 Electronic Engineering Technician [Aircraft Electronics Technical Officer, Communications Engineering Technical Officer, Communications Engineering Technician, Computer Numeric Control Technical Officer, Digital Controls Technical Officer, Flight Surveyor, Printed Circuit Board Designer, Process Control Technician, Telemetry Technician] TRA *
342313 Electronic Equipment Trades Worker TRA *
342314 Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (General) [Instrument & Control Service Person, Communication Electronic Technician (Air Force), Electronic Technician (Navy)] TRA *
342315 Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special Class) [Industrial Measurement & Control Technician] TRA *
233411 Electronics Engineer [Communications Engineer (Army)] Engineers Australia *
322112 Electroplater [Anodiser, Electroformer] TRA *
253912 Emergency Medicine Specialist [Emergency Physician] State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
253315 Endocrinologist [Diabetologist] State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
233914 Engineering Technologist [Aeronautical Engineering Technologist, Agricultural Engineering Technologist, Biomedical Engineering Technologist, Chemical Engineering Technologist, Industrial Engineering Technologist, Mining Engineering Technologist] Engineers Australia *
133211 Engineering Manager Engineers Australia / AIM *
233999 Engineering Professional nec [Mechatronics Engineer, Product Design Engineer] Engineers Australia *
323311 Engraver TRA *
234312 Environmental Consultant [Environmental Adviser, Environmental Analyst] VETASSESS *
233915 Environmental Engineer Engineers Australia *
251311 Environmental Health Officer [Food Safety Auditor, Food Safety Officer] VETASSESS *
139912 Environmental Manager VETASSESS *
234313 Environmental Research Scientist [Environmental Scientist, Air Pollution Analyst, Ecologist, Land Degradation Analyst, Water Quality Analyst] VETASSESS *
234399 Environmental Scientist nec [Aquaculture Consultant, Environmental Auditor, Soil Scientist] VETASSESS * 
221213 External Auditor CPAA / ICAA / NIA *
134411 Faculty Head [Dean (University), Head Teacher (TAFE)] VETASSESS *
272113 Family & Marriage Counsellor [Family Court Counsellor, Family Mediator] VETASSESS *
411713 Family Support Worker VETASSESS *
322113 Farrier TRA *
232311 Fashion Designer [Costume Designer, Leisurewear Designer] VETASSESS *
333211 Fibrous Plasterer [Dry Wall Plasterer] TRA *
212314 Film & Video Editor VETASSESS *
222112 Finance Broker [Lease Broker, Mortgage Broker] VETASSESS *
132211 Finance Manager [Chief Financial Officer, Finance Director, Financial Controller] CPAA / ICAA / NIA *
222199 Financial Brokers nec [Investment Broker] VETASSESS *
222299 Financial Dealers nec [Equities Analyst, Investment Dealer] VETASSESS *
149914 Financial Institution Branch Manager [Bank Manager, Building Society Manager, Credit Union Manager] VETASSESS *
222311 Financial Investment Adviser [Financial Planning Adviser] VETASSESS *
222211 Financial Market Dealer [Money Market Dealer, Derivatives Dealer, Fixed Interest Dealer, Foreign Exchange Dealer, Securities Dealer] VETASSESS *
311311 Fisheries Inspector [Fisheries Officer] VETASSESS *
323211 Fitter (General) [Computer Numeric Control Setter, Diesel Fitter-Mechanic, Fitter-Machinist, Fitter-Mechanic, Maintenance Fitter, Mechanic (Diesel & Heavy Earthmoving Equipment), Plant Mechanic] TRA *
323212 Fitter & Turner TRA *
332111 Floor Finisher [Carpet Layer, Parquetry Layer] TRA *
362111 Florist TRA
231113 Flying Instructor [Ground School Instructor, Gliding Pilot Instructor, Helicopter Pilot Instructor] VETASSESS *
234212 Food Technologist [Food Scientist] VETASSESS *
234113 Forester [Forestry Adviser , Forestry Consultant, Silviculturist] VETASSESS *
394211 Furniture Finisher [French Polisher] TRA*
222212 Future Trader VETASSESS
224212 Gallery or Museum Curator VETASSESS *
399311 Gallery or Museum Technician [Taxidermist] VETASSESS *
362211 Gardener (General) TRA *
399212 Gas or Petroleum Operator [Oil & Gas Well Treatment Operator; Oil, Gas & Pipe Tester; Petroleum & Gas Refining & Pumping Operator; Gas Compressor Turbine Operator; Petroleum Blending Plant Operator; Petroleum Terminal Plant Operator; Refinery Pipeline Operator] TRA *
334114 Gasfitter [Gas Main & Line Fitter, Liquefied Petroleum Gasfitter] TRA *
253316 Gastroenterologist State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
253111 General Medical Practitioner [General Practitioner, Medical Officer (Navy)] State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
234411 Geologist [Hydrogeologist, Marine Geologist, Palaeontologist] VETASSESS *
234412 Geophysicist [Physical Oceanographer, Seismologist] VETASSESS *
233212 Geotechnical Engineer Engineers Australia *
333111 Glazier [Glass Beveller, Glass Embosser, Glass Etcher, Glass Silverer] TRA *
232411 Graphic Designer [Graphic Artist, Exhibition Designer, Film & Video Graphics Designer, Publication Designer] VETASSESS *
392211 Graphic Pre-press Trades Worker [Desktop Publishing Operator] TRA *
362311 Greenkeeper [Turf Keeper] TRA *
323312 Gunsmith TRA *
452312 Gymnastics Coachor Instructor [Callisthenics Instructor, Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach] VETASSESS *
391111 Hairdresser [Barber] TRA *
313111 Hardware Technician TRA *
224213 Health Information Manager [Medical Records Administrator, Casemix Coordinator, Clinical Trial Data Manager, Health Data Administrator] VETASSESS *
231114 Helicopter Pilot CASA / VETASSESS *
272411 Historian [Art Historian, Cultural Historian, Economic Historian, Geographical Historian] VETASSESS *
452313 Horse Riding Coach or Instructor [Dressage Instructor, Polo Coach, Show Jumping Instructor] VETASSESS *
361112 Horse Trainer [Horse Breaker] TRA *
251511 Hospital Pharmacist Pharmaceutical Officer (Army)] APharmC / COPRA / APEC *
141311 Hotel or Motel Manager [Hotelier, Publican, Duty Manager (Hotel), Resort Manager] VETASSESS *
223111 Human Resource Adviser [Human Resource Consultant, Personnel Officer, Workforce Planning Analyst] VETASSESS *
132311 Human Resource Manager [Personnel & Employee Relations Manager, Occupational Health & Safety Manager, Training & Development Manager, Workplace Relations Manager] AIM *
261111 ICT Business Analyst [BA (ICT), Business Consultant (ICT), Business Systems Analyst] ACS *
313112 ICT Customer Support Officer [ICT Help Desk Officer, ICT Help Desk Technician, Systems Support Officer, Network Support Technician, Operator Command Support Systems (Army)] TRA *
225213 ICT Sales Representative VETASSESS *
262112 ICT Security Specialist [Security Administrator, Information Technology Security Manager] ACS *
263213 ICT Systems Test Engineer [Systems Tester, Test Analyst (ICT)] ACS *
232412 Illustrator [Animator, Cartoonist, Technical Illustrator] VETASSESS *
133311 Importer or Exporter VETASSESS *
232312 Industrial Designer [Product Designer, Ceramic Designer, Furniture Designer, Glass Designer, Textile Designer] VETASSESS *
233511 Industrial Engineer [Process Engineer (Industrial)] Engineers Australia *
251512 Industrial Pharmacist VETASSESS *
224999 Information & Organisation Professional nec [Electoral Officer, Forms Designer, Knowledge Manager, Lobbyist, Museum Registrar] VETASSESS *
222113 Insurance Broker VETASSESS *
224411 Intelligence Officer [Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Defence Intelligence Analyst] VETASSESS *
411112 Intensive Care Ambulance Paramedic VETASSESS *
253317 Intensive Care Specialist [Intensive Care Medicine Specialist, Intensivist] State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
399912 Interior Decorator VETASSESS *
232511 Interior Designer [Commercial Interior Designer, Environmental Designer, Residential Interior Designer, Retail Interior Designer] VETASSESS *
221214 Internal Auditor [Audit Officer] VETASSESS *
272412 Interpreter NAATI *
399411 Jeweller [Diamond Cutter, Faceter, Gem Setter, Goldsmith, Lapidary, Opal Polisher, Ring Maker, Silversmith] TRA *
232313 Jewellery Designer VETASSESS *
452413 Jockey [Apprentice Jockey, Steeplechase Jockey] TRA *
331213 Joiner [Joinery Machinist, Joinery Patternmaker, Joinery Setter-out] TRA *
212499 Journalists & Other Writers nec [Blogger, Critic, Editorial Assistant, Essayist] VETASSESS *
271299 Judicial & Other Legal Professionals nec [Administrative Lawyer, Family Court Registrar, Judicial Registrar, Law Researcher, Legal Officer, Parliamentary Counsel, Patent Attorney, Trade Mark Attorney] VETASSESS *
139913 Laboratory Manager VETASSESS *
224511 Land Economist [Property Economist, Asset Manager (Land & Property)] VETASSESS *
232112 Landscape Architect VETASSESS *
362213 Landscape Gardener TRA *
393112 Leather Goods Maker [Saddler] TRA *
224912 Liaison Officer VETASSESS *
224611 Librarian [Acquisitions Librarian, Audiovisual Librarian, Bibliographer, Cataloguer, Children's Librarian, Corporate Librarian, Legal Librarian, Multicultural Services Librarian, Parliamentary Librarian, Reference Librarian, Special Librarian, Special Needs Librarian] VETASSESS *
399312 Library Technician VETASSESS *
311413 Life Science Technician [Life Science Technical Officer, Biological Technical Officer, Ecological Technical Officer, Environmental Technical Officer, Fisheries Technical Officer, Forestry Technical Officer, Wood Technologist, Zoology Technical Officer] VETASSESS *
234599 Life Scientists nec [Animal Behaviourist, Parasitologist, Pharmacologist (Non-clinical), Toxicologist] VETASSESS *
341113 Lift Mechanic [Lift Electrician] TRA *
399513 Light Technician TRA *
323313 Locksmith [Safemaker] TRA *
399514 Make Up Artist TRA *
221112 Management Accountant [Cost Accountant, Financial Accountant] CPAA / ICAA / NIA *
224711 Management Consultant [Business Consultant, Business Analyst] VETASSESS *
133411 Manufacturer VETASSESS *
234516 Marine Biologist VETASSESS *
225112 Market Research Analyst VETASSESS *
225113 Marketing Specialist [Marketing Consultant, Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Officer, Brand Manager, Category Manager, Product Manager, Sales Promotion Officer] VETASSESS *
411611 Massage Therapist [Chinese (Tui-Na) Masseur, Remedial Masseur, Shiatsu Therapist, Sports Medicine Masseur] VETASSESS *
231211 Master Fisher VETASSESS *
233112 Materials Engineer Engineers Australia *
224112 Mathematician [Operations Research Analyst] VETASSESS *
311312 Meat Inspector VETASSESS *
233512 Mechanical Engineer  [Airconditioning Engineer, Heating & Ventilation Engineer] Engineers Australia *
312511 Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson [Airconditioning Drafting Officer, Heating & Ventilating Technical Officer, Tool Design Draftsperson, Tool Designer] Engineers Australia *
312512 Mechanical Engineering Technician [Boiler Testing Technician, Hydraulic Controls Technician, Mechanical Laboratory Technician, Pipe Testing Technician] TRA *
212112 Media Producer (excluding Video) VETASSESS *
134211 Medical Administrator [Medical Manager, Director of Clinical Services, Director of Medical Services] VETASSESS *
251211 Medical Diagnostic Radiographer [Medical Imaging Technologist, Magnetic Resonance Technologiest] AIR *
234611 Medical Laboratory Scientist [Hospital Scientist, Medical Scientific Officer] AIMS *
311213 Medical Laboratory Technician [Medical Laboratory Technicial Officer] AIMS *
253314 Medical Oncologist State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
253999 Medical Practitioners nec [Occupational Medicine Specialist, Public Health Physician, Sports Physician] State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
251212 Medical Radiation Therapist AIR *
322114 Metal Casting Trades Worker [Coremaker, Metal Moulder] TRA *
322311 Metal Fabricator [Boilermaker-Welder, Brass Finisher, Metal Fabricator-Welder, Metal Template Maker, Structural Steel Trades Worker] TRA *
323299 Metal Fitters & Machinists nec [Printing Engineer] TRA *
323214 Metal Machinist (First Class) [Aircraft Machinist, Automotive Machinist, Metal Machine Setter, Metal Turner, Milling Machinist, Vertical Borer] TRA *
322115 Metal Polisher TRA *
312912 Metallurgical or Materials Technician [Dye Penetrant Testing Technician, Heat Treatment Technician, Magnetic Testing Technician, Metallurgy Laboratory Technician, Non-destructive Testing Technician, Petroleum Products Laboratory Technician, Petroleum Refinery Laboratory Technician, Pressure Testing Technician, Ultrasound Technician] VETASSESS *
234912 Metallurgist [Hydrometallurgical Engineer, Metallographer, Pyrometallurgical Engineer, Radiological Metallurgist] VETASSESS *
234913 Meteorologist [Climatologist, Weather Forecaster] VETASSESS *
234517 Microbiologist [Bacteriologist (Non-medical)] VETASSESS *
254111 Midwife [Certified Midwife, Registered Midwife, Community Midwife, Midwife Practitioner] ANMC
312913 Mine Deputy [Mining Technician, Open Cut Examiner] VETASSESS *
233611 Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum) [Process Engineer (Mining)] Engineers Australia *
272211 Minister of Religion [Aboriginal Ceremonial Celebrant, Chaplain, Imam, Monk, Priest, Rabbi, Salvation Army Officer] VETASSESS *
321211 Motor Mechanic (General) [Automative Transmission Mechanic, Automative Airconditioning Mechanic, Brake Mechanci, Ground Support Equipment Fitter (Air Force), Marine Technician (Navy), Vehicle Mechanic (Army)] TRA *
321213 Motorcycle  Mechanic TRA *
211212 Music Director VETASSESS *
249214 Music Teacher (Private Tuition) [Singing Teacher (Private Tuition)] VETASSESS *
399515 Musical Instrument Maker or Repairer [Piano Tuner] TRA *
211213 Musician (Instrumental) VETASSESS *
234999 Natural & Physical Science Professionals nec [Ceramics Scientist, Exercise Physiologist, Mineral Processing Engineer, Polymer Scientist, Sports Scientist] VETASSESS *
252213 Naturopath VETASSESS *
233916 Naval Architect Engineers Australia *
263112 Network Administrator [Network Specialist, Network Support, LAN Administrator] ACS *
263113 Network Analyst [Network Consultant, Network Designer, Network Strategist, Network Architect] ACS *
253318 Neurologist State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
253513 Neurosurgeon State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
212412 Newspaper or Periodical Editor [Associate Editor, Features Editor, News Editor, Pictures Editor, Subeditor, Web Site/Blog Editor] VETASSESS *
251213 Nuclear Medicine Technologist ANZSNM *
254211 Nurse Educator [Clinical Nurse Educator, Staff Development Nurse] VETASSESS
254311 Nurse Manager [Charge Nurse, Nurse Supervisor, Nurse Unit Manager] VETASSESS
254411 Nurse Practitioner ANMC
254212 Nurse Researcher VETASSESS
362411 Nurseryperson [Plant Propagator] TRA *
134212 Nursing Clinical Director [Director of Nursing, Senior Nurse Manager, Assistant Director of Nursing, Deputy Director of Nursing, Executive Director of Nursing] ANMC
253913 Obstetrician & Gynaecologist [Gynaecological Oncologist, Reproductive Endocrinologist, Urogynaecologist] State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
251312 Occupational Health & Safety Adviser [Occupational Health & Safety Coordinator, Occupational Health & Safety Officer, Occupational Hygienist, Workplace Rehabilitation Officer] VETASSESS *
252411 Occupational Therapist OTC (formerly know as COTRB)
512111 Office Manager VETASSESS *
253914 Ophthalmologist [Eye Specialist, Eye Surgeon] State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
399913 Optical Dispenser TRA *
399914 Optical Mechanic TRA *
251411 Optometrist OCANZ *
224712 Organisation & Methods Analyst [Procedures Analyst, Change Management Facilitator, Industry Analyst, Quality Auditor, Skills Auditor] VETASSESS *
272313 Organisational Psychologist [Industrial Psychologist, Occupational Psychologist] APS *
253514 Orthopaedic Surgeon State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
251412 Orthoptist VETASSESS *
251912 Orthotist or Prosthetist VETASSESS *
252112 Osteopath SCORB * / ANZOC
232214 Other Spatial Scientist VETASSESS *
452317 Other Sports Coach or Instructor [Basketball Coach, Cricket Coach, Football Coach, Sports Trainer, Windsurfing Instructor] VETASSESS *
253515 Otorhinolaryngologist [Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist, Head & Neck Surgeon, Laryngologist, Otologist, Rhinologist] State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
253516 Paediatric Surgeon State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Austtralia *
253321 Paediatrician [Neonatologist, Paediatric Thoracic Physician] State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
211411 Painter (Visual Arts) VETASSESS *
332211 Painter Trades Worker [Paperhanger] TRA *
324111 Panelbeater [Vehicle Refinisher] TRA *
234314 Park Ranger VETASSESS *
411714 Parole or Probation Officer VETASSESS *
351112 Pastrycook [Cake Decorator] TRA *
224914 Patents Examiner VETASSESS *
253915 Pathologist [Clinical Cytopathologist, Forensic Pathologist, Immunologist] State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
233612 Petroleum Engineer [Mud Engineer, Petrophysical Engineer] Engineer Australia *
211311 Photographer VETASSESS *
234914 Physicist [Astronomer, Medical Physicist] VETASSESS * 
234914 Physicist (Medical Physicist) [Astronomer, Medical Physicist] ACPSEM
252511 Physiotherapist [Physical Therapist, Aquatic Physiotherapist, Cardiothoracic Physiotherapist, Continence & Women's Health Physiotherapist, Gerentological Physiotherapist, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Neurological Physiotherapist, Occupational Health Physiotherapist, Paediatric Physiotherapist, Sports Physiotherapist] ACOPRA /APC *
394212 Picture Framer TRA *
253517 Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
334111 Plumber (General) [Fire Services Plumber, Sanitary Plumber, Water Plumber] TRA *
312115 Plumbing Inspector [Drainage Inspector, Gas Plumbing Inspector, Sanitary Plumbing & Water Supply Inspector] VETASSESS *
252611 Podiatrist [Podiatrist, Podiatric Surgeon] APodC * / ANZPAC
224412 Policy Analyst [Policy Adviser] VETASSESS *
132411 Policy & Planning Manager [Public Policy Manager, Corporate Planning Manager, Policy Development Manager, Strategic Planning Manager] VETASSESS *
211412 Potter or Ceramic Artist VETASSESS *
399213 Power Generation Plant Operator [Hydro-electric Station Operator, Power Generation Turbine Room Operator] TRA *
323314 Precision Instrument Maker & Repairer [Camera Repairer, Scalemaker, Scientific Instrument Maker & Repairer] TRATRA *
322312 Presurre Welder TRA *
134213 Primary Health Organisation Manager ANMC *
311399 Primary Product Inspectors nec [Dairy Quality Assurance Officer, Fruit and Vegetable Inspector]  VETASSESS *
241213 Primary School Teacher [Primary School Teacher-Librarian] NOOSR / AITSL (formerly known as TA) *
392111 Print Finisher [Print Finisher, Mailhouse Operator, Paper Guillotine Operator (Bookbinding)] TRA *
212413 Print Journalist [Columnist, Feature Writer, Leader Writer, Newspaper Reporter] VETASSESS  *
392311 Printing Machinist [Flexographic Printing Machinist, Gravure Printing Machinist, Label Printing Machinist, Letterpress Printing Machinist, Lithographic Printing Machinist, Reel Fed Printer, Sheet Fed Printer] TRA*
249299 Private Tutors & Teachers nec VETASSESS *
133512 Production Manager (Manufacturing) [Operations Manager (Production), Plant Manager (Manufacturing), Works Manager (Manufacturing)] VETASSESS *
133513 Production Manager (Mining) [Mine Manager, Mine Superintendent, Quarray Manager] VETASSESS *
233513 Production or Plant Engineer [Automation & Control Engineer] Engineers Australia *
212315 Program Director (Television or Radio) VETASSESS *
511112 Program or Project Administrator [Project Coordinator] VETASSESS *
133112 Project Builder [Professional Builder] VETASSESS *
253411 Psychiatrist [Adolescent Psychiatrist, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Child Psychiatrist, Forensic Psychiatrist, Geriatric Psychiatrist, Medical Psychotherapist] State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
272399 Psychologists nec [Community Psychologist, Counselling Psychologist, Sport Psychologist] APS *
272314 Psychotherapist [Art Psychotherapist or Therapist] VETASSESS
225311 Public Relations Professional [Corporate Affairs Officer, Media Liaison Officer, Press Officer, Promotions Officer, Public Affairs Officer, Public Relations Consultant, Public Relations Officer] VETASSESS *
139914 Quality Assurance Manager [Quality Facilitator] VETASSESS *
233213 Quantity Surveyor [Building Economist, Construction Economist] AIQS *
311313 Quarantine Officer [Quarantine Inspector] VETASSESS *
253918 Radiation Oncologist State/Territory Medical Board, Medical Board of Australia *
212414 Radio Journalist [Radio Reporter] VETASSESS *
212113 Radio Presenter VETASSESS *
313211 Radiocommunications Technician TRA
612113 Real Estate Agency Principal VETASSESS *
224214 Records Manager [Freedom of Information Officer] VETASSESS *
272612 Recreation Officer [Recreation Adviser] VETASSESS *
223112 Recruitment Consultant [Employment Consultant (Aus), Casting Agent, Literary Agent] VETASSESS *
134412 Regional Education Manager [Schools Director] VETASSESS *
254414 Registered Nurse (Community Health) [Registered Nurse (Health Education & Promotion), Registered Nurse (Public Health), Registered Nurse (School Nurse)] ANMC
254416 Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability) [Mental Retardation Nurse] ANMC
254424 Registered Nurse (Surgical) ANMC
254412 Registered Nurse (Aged Care) [Registered Nurse (Gerontology)] ANMC
254413 Registered Nurse (Child & Family Health) ANMC
254415 Registered Nurse (Critical Care & Emergency) [Registered Nurse (Acute Care)
Registered Nurse (Emergency/Trauma)
Registered Nurse (High Dependency)
Registered Nurse (Neonatal Intensive Care)
Registered Nurse (Paediatric Intensive Care)
254417 Registered Nurse (Disability & Rehabilitation) [Registered Nurse (Rehabilitation)] ANMC
254421 Registered Nurse (Medical Practice) [Practice Nurse] ANMC
254418 Registered Nurse (Medical) ANMC
254422 Registered Nurse (Mental Health) [Psychiatric Nurse, Registered Nurse (Child & Adolescence Mental Health), Registered Nurse (Drug & Alcohol), Registered Nurse (Psychiatric Rehabilitation), Registered Nurse (Psychogeriatric Care)] ANMC
254423 Registered Nurse (Perioperative) [Operating Room Nurse, Registered Nurse (Anaesthetic), Registered Nurse (Operating Room), Registered Nurse (Recovery)] ANMC
254499 Registered Nurses nec (Defence Forces), Registered Nurse (Infection Control), Registered Nurse (Paediatrics), Registered Nurse (Remote or Rural Area)] ANMC
272114 Rehabilitation Counsellor VETASSESS *
253322 Renal Medicine Specialist [Nephrologist, Renal Medicine Physician] State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
132511 Research & Development Manager VETASSESS *
411715 Residential Care Officer VETASSESS *
251513 Retail Pharmacist [Community Pharmacist] APharm / COPRA / APEC *
253323 Rheumatologist State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
334115 Roof Plumber [Industrial Roof Plumber] TRA *
333311 Roof Tiler [Roof Fixer, Roof Shingler, Roof Slater] TRA *
312611 Safety Inspector [Boilers & Pressure Vessels Inspector, Gas Examiner, Lifts & Cranes Inspector, Mines Inspector, Occupational Health & Safety Inspector] VETASSESS *
393113 Sail Maker TRA *
131112 Sales & Marketing Manager [Business Develoopment Manager, Market Research Manager] AIM *
225411 Sales Representative (Industrial Products) VETASSESS *
225412 Sale Representative (Medical & Pharmaceutical Products) [Medical Representative] VETASSESS *
323315 Saw Maker & Repairer [Saw Sharpener] TRA *
134311 School Principal [Headmaster/Mistress, Middle or Intermediate School Principal, Primary School Principal, Secondary School Principal] VETASSESS *
392112 Screen Printer [Screen Printing Stencil Preparer, Textiles Printer] TRA *
211413 Sculptor VETASSESS *
241411 Secondary School Teacher [Secondary School Teacher-Librarian] NOOSR / AITSL (formerly known as TA) *
139211 Senior Non-commissioned Defence Force Member VETASSESS *
322211 Sheetmetal Trades Worker [Metal Spinner, Sheetmetal Patternmaker] TRA *
231212 Ship's Engineer [Marine Engineer, Mechanical Engineering Officer (Navy), Weapons Electrical Engineering Officer (Navy)] AMSA *
231213 Ship's Master [Ship's Captain, Dredge Master, Hydrofoil Captain, Ship's Pilot, Tug Master] AMSA *
231214 Ship's Officer [Deck Officer, Navigating Officer (Ship's), Seaman Officer (Navy)] AMSA *
399112 Shipwright [Loftsman/woman (Marine), Ship's Carpenter] TRA *
393114 Shoemaker [Medical Grade Shoemaker, Shoe Repairer] TRA *
399611 Signwriter [Sign Manufacturer] TRA *
211214 Singer VETASSESS *
831212 Slaughterer TRA *
321214 Small Engine Mechanic [Chainsaw Mechanic, Lawnmower Mechanic, Outboard Motor Mechanic] TRA
392312 Small Offset Printer [Instant Printer Operator, Digital Printer] TRA *
452314 Snowsport Instructor [Skiing Instructor, Snowboarding Instructor] VETASSESS *
272499 Social Professionals nec [Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Criminologist, Ethnographer, Geographer, Heritage Consultant, Linguist, Parole Board Member, Political Scientist, Prehistorian, Sociologist, Transport Analyst] VETASSESS *
272511 Social Worker AASW *
261399 Software & Applications Programmers nec [Software Tester] ACS *
261313 Software Engineer [Software Architect, Software Designer, Database Designer, Systems Architect] ACS *
261314 Software Tester ACS
271311 Solicitor SLAA *
333212 Solid Plasterer TRA *
251214 Sonographer [Ultrasongrapher] AIR *
399516 Sound Technician TRA *
241599 Special Education Teachers nec [Aboriginal Education Teacher, Distance Education Teacher, Migrant Teacher] VETASSESS *
241511 Special Needs Teacher [Behaviour Support Teacher, Remedial Teacher, Teacher of Gifted Students] VETASSESS *
139999 Specialist Managers nec VETASSESS *
253311 Specialist Physician (General Medicine) State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
253399 Specialist Physicians nec [Clinical Allergist, Clinical Geneticist, Clinical Immunologist, Clinical Pharmacologist, Geriatrician, Industrial Medicine Specialist, Infectious Diseases Specialist, Palliative Medicine Specialist, Rehabilitation Medicine Physician, Sexual Health Physician, Sleep Medicine Specialist] State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
252712 Speech Pathologist [Speech Therapist] SPA *
139915 Sports Administrator VETASSESS *
452321 Sports Development Officer VETASSESS *
212316 Stage Manager VETASSESS *
224113 Statistician [Biometrician, Demographer, Epidemiologist] VETASSESS *
222213 Stockbroking Dealer [Sharebroker, Stockbroker, Trading Floor Operator (Stock Exchange)] VETASSESS *
331112 Stonemason [Construction Stonemason, Monumental Stonemason] TRA *
233214 Structural Engineer Engineers Australia *
272115 Student Counsellor [School Counsellor] VETASSESS *
133611 Supply & Distribution Manager [Logistics Manager, Logistics Officer (Air Force), Ordnance Corps Officer (Army), Supply Chain Manager, Supply Officer (Navy), Transport Corps Officer (Army)] AIM *
253511 Surgeon (General) State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
312116 Surveying or Spatial Science Technician [Surveying Technologist, Aerial Survey Technician, Engineering Survey Drafting Technician, Photogrammetrist, Topographic Drafting Officer] VETASSESS *
232212 Surveyor [Geomatician, Geomatic Engineer, Cadastral Surveyor, Geodetic Surveyor, Hydrographic Surveyor Operator (Navy), Hydrographic Surveyor, Photogrammetric Surveyor] SSSI (formerly know as ISA)
452315 Swimming Coach or Instructor [Diving Coach, Learn to Swim Instructor] VETASSESS *
262113 Systems Administrator [Systems Manager] ACS *
261112 System Analyst ACS *
221113 Taxation Accountant [Taxation Agent, Taxation Consultant] CPAA / ICAA / NIA *
249311 Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages [English as a Second Language Teacher] VETASSESS *
241512 Teacher of the Hearing Impaired VETASSESS *
241513 Teacher of the Sight Impaired VETASSESS *
342212 Technical Cable Jointer TRA *
212317 Technical Director VETASSESS *
225499 Technical Sales Representatives nec [Sales Representative (Educational Products & Services)] VETASSESS *
212415 Technical Writer VETASSESS *
263311 Telecommunications Engineer [Signals Corps Officer (Army)] Engineers Australia *
313212 Telecommunications  Field Engineer Engineers Australia *
313213 Telecommunication Network Planner Engineers Australia *
263312 Telecommunication Network Engineer [Communications Consultant, Communications Specialist (ICT), Telecommunications Consultant, Telecommunications Specialist] Engineers Australia *
313214 Telecommunications Technical Officer or Technologist Engineers Australia *
399999 Technicians & Trades Workers nec [Airborne Electronics Analyst (Air Force), Architectural Model Maker, Canoe Maker, Fire Alarm Technician, Fire Extinguisher Technician, Glass Blower, Hide & Skin Classer, Kayer Maker, Micrographic Technician, Milking Machine Technician, Parachute Rigger, Pearl Technician, Pyrotechnician, Surfboard Maker] TRA *
342413 Telecommunications Linesworker [Operator Bearer Systems (Army)] TRA *
342414 Telecommunications Technician [Communications Technician, Technician Telecommunication Systems (Army)] TRA *
399517 Television Equipment Operator [Vision Mixer] TRA*
212416 Television Journalist [Television Reporter] VETASSESS *
212114 Television Presenter VETASSESS *
452316 Tennis Coach VETASSESS *
323215 Textile, Clothing & Footwear Mechanic [Loom Tuner, Sewing Machine Mechanic, Textile Machine Mechanic] TRA *
253324 Thoracic Medicine Specialist [Respiratory Medicine Physician, Thoracic Medicine Physician, Pulmonary Specialist, Respiratory Physician] State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
323412 Toolmaker [Die Caster, Die Sinker, Jigmaker (Metal), Plastic Mould Maker, Press-tool Maker] TRA *
223311 Training & Development Professional [Training Officer, Education Officer (Air Force & Army), Training Systems Officer (Navy)] VETASSESS *
272413 Translator NAATI *
233215 Transport Engineer Engineers Australia *
242111 University Lecturer VETASSESS *
242112 University Tutor [University Demonstrator] VETASSESS *
393311 Upholsterer [Furniture Upholsterer, Mattress Maker] TRA *
232611 Urban & Regional Planner [Land Planner, Town Planner, Traffic & Transport Planner] VETASSESS *
253518 Urologist State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
224512 Valuer [Plant & Machinery Valuer, Property Valuer, Real Estate Valuer] VETASSESS *
253521 Vascular Surgeon State/Territory Medical Board / Medical Board of Australia *
324211 Vehicle Body Builder [Vehicle Body Maker, Coach Builder] TRA *
324311 Vehicle Painter TRA *
324212 Vehicle Trimmer [Vehicle Upholsterer] TRA *
234711 Veterinarian [Veterinary Surgeon, Veterinary Parasitologist, Veterinary Pathologist] AVBC *
211499 Visual Arts & Crafts Professional nec VETASSESS *
242211 Vocational Education Teacher (Trades) [Adult Education Teacher, TAFE Lecturer, TAFE Teacher, Workplace Trainer & Assessor] TRA *
242211 Vocational Education Teacher (Non Trades) [Adult Education Teacher, TAFE Lecturer, TAFE Teacher, Workplace Trainer & Assessor] VETASSESS *
333411 Wall & Floor Tiler [Ceramic Tiler, Mosaic Tiler] TRA *
323316 Watch & Clock Maker & Repairer TRA *
232414 Web Designer VETASSESS *
322313 Welder (First Class) [Special Class Welder] TRA *
134214 Welfare Centre Manager VETASSESS *
272613 Welfare Worker [Welfare Case Worker] AIWCW *
133312 Wholesaler VETASSESS *
234213 Wine Maker [Oenologist] VETASSESS *
394213 Wood Machinist [Automatic Profile Sander Operator, Copy Lathe Operator, Edge Bander Operator, Jigmaker (Wood), Panel Saw Operator, Woodworking Machine Setter] TRA *
394299 Wood Machinists & Other Wood Trades Workers nec [Cane Furniture Maker, Cooper, Wood Model Maker] TRA *
394214 Wood Turner TRA *
223113 Workplace Relations Adviser [Industrial Relations Officer, Trade Union Official, Union Organiser] VETASSESS *
411716 Youth Worker [Youth Officer, Youth Support Worker, Juvenile Justice Officer, Youth Accommodation Support Worker, Youth Liaison Officer] VETASSESS *
234518 Zoologist [Entomologist, Mammologist, Ornithologist] VETASSESS *

*List of Assessing Authorities

Acronym Assessing Authority
AACA Architects Accreditation Council of Australia Inc
AASW Australian Association of Social Workers
ACS Australia Computer Society
ACOPRA / APC Australian Council of Physiotherapy Regulating Authorities Ltd / Australian Physiotherapy Council
ACPSEM Australasian College of Physical Scientist & Engineers in Medicine
ADC Australian Dental Council
AIM Australian Institute of Management
AIMS Australian Institute of Medical Scientists
AIQS Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors
AIR Australian Institute of Radiography
AIWCW Australian Institute of Welfare & Community Workers
AMSA Australian Maritime Safety Authority
ANMC Australian Nursing & Midwifery Council
ANZSNM Australian & New Zealand Society of Nuclear Medicine
ApharmC / COPRA / APEC Australian Pharmacy Council / Council of Pharmacy Registering Authorities Inc / Australian Pharmacy Examining Council Inc
APodC / ANZPAC Australian Podiatry Council / Australian & New Zealand Podiatry Accreditation Council Inc
APS Australian Psychological Society
AVBC Australasian Veterinary Boards Council Inc
CCEA Council on Chiropractic Education Australasia Inc
CPAA Certified Practising Accountants Australia
DAA Dieticians Association of Australia
ICAA Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia
Engineers Australia Institution of Engineers, Australia
NAATI National Accreditation Authority for Translators & Interpreters
NIA The National Institute of Accountants
NOOSR / AITSL National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition / Australian Institute for Teaching & School Leadership (formerly Teaching Australia)
OCANZ Optometry Council of Australia & New Zealand
OTC (formerly known as COTRB) Occupational Therapy Council
SCORB / ANZOC State Chiropractors/Osteopaths Registration Board/Australian & New Zealand Osteopathic Council
SPA Speech Pathology Association of Australia
SLAA State Legal Admission Authority
SSSI (formerly ISA) Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (Institute of Surveyors, Australia)
TRA Trades Recognitions Australia
VETASSESS Vocational Education & Training Assessment Services

* For occupations which have a mandatory requirement for a person to hold a licence or registration of a particular kind, or to be a member (or a member of a particular kind) of a particular professional body, in order for that person to work in Australia in that occupation, the relevant Assessing Authority is the body specified in column B of this schedule or the body which administers the licence, registration or membership for that occupation.

* For persons who are nominated by an Australian university or by the Australian Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) for teaching or research positions, the relevant Assessing Authority is the body specified in column B of this schedule or the nominating Australian university or the CSIRO.

* For occupation which have TRA * (Trades Recognition Australia) listed as the Assessing Authority in column B of this schedule, the relevant Assessing Authority is TRA or the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, or a body nominated by that department for the purpose of trade skills assessment, in the State or Territory where the visa applicant has been nominated to work.

nec means "not elsewhere classified".

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